Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exam and the end of Junior year and Summer!

Halloo! Assalamualaikum.

This is the week of the stop day. Stop day tu meaning the last day of the semester. Next week will be finals week where every class and subject will be having its final exam. So quite pack la. So I won't be able to update till I completed all my exams and papers. And after that I will be away for my Summer vacation (Yey! Finally) for few weeks. Maybe kalau ada masak2 kita akan update la kot. Atau maybe kalau ada makan2 ke. Sebab ramai yang nak graduate this sem, buat makan2. Kita ni baru nak habis junior, ada lagi setahun (Dekat sini, 1st year = Freshman, 2nd year = Sophomore, 3rd year = Junior, 4th year = Senior). Tak sangka dah nak jadi senior dah taw. Then kerja. Tapi most of my friends dah nak habis dah sem ni, sebab ramai buat 3 years kat negara lain. Congratulations! 

So wish me luck okay! Jumpa lagi next week, atau next month! Thank you for supporting me for almost 2 years already. Appreciate it so so so much. =))

What a nice day today for a good song. Skyscrapers by OkGo. A very colorful music video indeed. Enjoy!

P/s: I want all the dresses!


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